Crusade – And So It Begins (Again)

After last year’s decision by Watch TV to show the complete run of B5 on television, I picked up the complete box set of the series, movies and Crusade. I’ve worked through the series and most of the movies (still got the Lost Tales to go) but figured it was about time that I run through the “interesting” experience that is the 13 episodes of Crusade. The net result is this blog reactivation and me attempting to post interesting comment on a couple of episodes each week.

The first thing to decide is the viewing order. It has been a couple of months since I watched A Call To Arms, so I’ll start with the War Zone, which is the first aired episode. The JMS prescribed order begins with Racing the Night, but if I understand it correctly, the Network asked for a more intro-based episode to remind everyone what was going on because they weren’t planning to precede the series with a repeat of A Call To Arms. Then they did which made War Zone a bit of a pointless episode, still there is goes. I am sure there couldn’t possibly be any other examples of the network messing around with things…

The viewing order I’ll be going for (with episode number) is as follows:

War Zone (1) – The JMS order has this as a flashback episode right at the back end between The Rules of the Game and Appearances and Other Deceits.
Racing the Night (9)
The Needs of Earth (11)
The Memory of War (10)
The Long Road (2)
Visitors from Down the Street (12)
The Well of Forever (3)
Each Night I Dream of Home (13)
Patterns of the Soul (5)
The Path of Sorrows (4)
Ruling from the Tomb (6)
The Rules of the Game (7)
Appearances and Other Deceits (8)

It looks as though I will spend a lot of time switching around discs. To keep me sane I will also try to keep an eye out for discrepancies and other craziness that arise from the timeline randomness.

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