Crusade 1.3 – The Well of Forever

The Well of Forever. That is a good, strong title and the episode has real feeling as though this could be a place where mysteries are solved. This could be a great episode, and it works fairly well but it does require you to ignore that EVERYONE INVOLVED IS A MORON!

If I wrote Well of Forever, it would go something like this.

Galen: Hi, since we aren’t doing anything, I would like us to to visit a place deep in hyperspace because I promised my lover I would take inter her remains at an intergalactic gravesite.
Gideon: Sorry Galan, but we have important work to do in finding a cure to the Drakh plague.
Galen: That is a shame, because this place is rumoured to hold the answers to questions and is the resting place of hundreds of great civilisations.
Eilerson: You know what Captain, a site like this could be very valuable and one of these races might have encountered the plague before.
Gideon: Ok, we will go.

Matheson: We are at the co-ordinates, Captain, there is nothing there.
Gideon: Oh well. Let’s go home.
Galen: Wait a moment. We have come a long way. It might have drifted a little.
Gideon: Ok, account for the flows and we’ll look for a bit longer.

Galen: Thanks for coming for me guys, and look at all the useful things we have learnt.

I think that might be why I am not a writer, but apparently neither was the person that wrote this episode. She came on board as an archaeological advisor.

On to the real show, and this is another strong performance from Matheson. He seems to be a very by the rules person both in being a telepath and in life. Considering the crazy he has to put up with from “Supernose” Gideon, he must have a tough life playing the straight laced foil to the maverick captain.

Galen does his standard stealth hi into a meeting as usual then suggests a mission and gives no reason for visiting other than it being the ultimate theme park for wizards. Eilerson wraps up the description very well and once again gets insulted for his efforts. I know he doesn’t set himself out to make friends and has a very social Darwinist point of view but the abuse and mocking that he receives when making comments that are nearly always proved correct must be hard for him to take. I imagine that since everyone in this series has the social graces of an amoeba it is probably something to which he has grown accustomed.

We have a strange pause where the penis shaped ship looks has a giant space jelly try to mate with it and then the idiotball comes out extra early. It seems very odd to see Galan jugling with it but he goes the whole hog and makes a hash of everything. I have no idea why he starts to kidnaps the so early into the episode. Any normal person would ask for a little time to continue looking. Then again we know the Captain isn’t rational so that probably wouldn’t have worked, but at least he could try it before stealing the ship. They had travelled for several days to get there and had no pressing business elsewhere and the comment about there being currents and drifts in Hyperspace to justify is perfectly valid. It seems strange for him of all people to a threat as an opening gambit.

It is also odd that they find the Well, Galen does he business then they leave. A resting place for thousands of civilisations and a place for answers, you think one of them might have some useful information on the plague. Despite all that, they just up. The only person on the ship that seems to do anything is Eilerson and he gets all his work deleted. Did no one else realise just how important this place might be.
Ultimately it falls to Galen to disappoint me the most. He fails to take responsibility for his actions or to acknowledge what he has done. He just uses it as an example that he keeps his promise and promises to help the crew’s mission as if this makes up for his mutiny. Then he completely messes up the answer to Dureena’s question. She wanted to know if there was someone she could trust, that wasn’t in it just for themself. Galan betrays the crew, kidnaps the ship and puts them in danger for his own benefit to complete a promise he had earlier made just because because he didn’t trust Gideon. I think the answer to Durenna’s question is quite clearly “No”

Switching around the order of episodes has worked nicely with Well. This episode was the one referred to when the Apocalypse box warned Gideon about not trusting Galen. Now we’ve had those warnings before the event actually happened (as opposed to the original air order when I think they were the subsequent episode. Also nice to here Galen referring to the ship as family once again.
Since it is a Galen episode, that means we have a Stealth Hi/bye count. Just three this time.

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