B5 Crusade 1.04 – The Path of Sorrows

Welcome to flashback central. Today’s journey will take you into a land of exposition and backstory. Hold on tight and please enjoy the ride.
I think the sequence finally explains why everyone behaves like such an arse in this series. It actually get results. Got a wall that requires tears to get past but no one can figure that out? Just insult people until you get a reaction. Galen secretly loves it because he gets to show off how good he is at solving puzzles while also being all big and scary. He has a reason to be a dick but I do feel sorry for poor Dureena.

With oodles of backstory we get some questions answered and others thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. Again, I think this episode fits towards the end of the series as opposed to he actually aired order. The Apocalypse box has benefited from having an air of mystery about its earlier appearances and I think that now is a good time to get the payoff and reveal a bit more about what it is and how it works.

So, what answers do we get? We learn that Gideon was on an EVA outside his ship when it came under attack and that is how he was able to survive its destruction. We don’t learn how Gideon was able to continue advancing through the ranks. Sheridan’s career stalled after going MIA for 24 hours on the Battle of the Line yet Gideon seemed to have no roadblocks preventing him from making Captain. I can only presume he was blackmailing some higher ups. I am a little concerned that Gideon appears to get all his little edges from winning card games. He got the Apocalypse Box and security codes the same manner. I am starting to think that everything will be explained using his gambling superpower.

It was interesting to finally see the part that Matheson played in the Psi corp. I enjoyed learning about the role he played in the organisation, some of the things he knew about the war and the part he played in the downfall of the Corp. Interestingly he seemed perfectly fine in taking part in a war against normals. It was only harming other teeps that seemed to distress him. I’ll claim that is because he buys into the mutual self-defense argument that teeps need to look out for each other because no one else will as opposed to the superiority argument.

I think it was very health for his character to see Galen being angry enough to lose control. For a moment we got to see past his trickster-god persona and witness some of the scars that he hides. If I was Galen, I would suspect Matheson of having read my mind. He was broadcasting emotions rather strongly after his flash-back and it would make a particularly effective way to get back at Galen for his earlier saying that their was no purpose to the universe, plus we’ve already decided that everyone in this series is a pain.

Overall, enjoyed this episode and thought it was strong. I think it marks a reasonably concluding episode to the series opening. Following my viewing of this episode I feel as though I know a bit more about what makes the characters tick and how their stories work..

Yes, it does

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