Crusade 1.06 – Ruling from the Tomb

Ah, continuity issues. This episode introduces Lochley to Crusade for the first time. Hang on a moment, wasn’t her first meeting with Gideon. I can only conclude that the earlier meeting with was such a traumatic experience that everyone tried to forget about.
This episode takes place on Mars and revolves around a conference set up about the plague and everyone not getting along together because they all want to be in charge.

In B5, it seemed as though Lochley was nearly always wrong compared to the shows long-runners. Here she is the one in the right. I am not surprised that she gets grumpy at Gideon. Instead of assisting with her he rides rough-shot and assumes authority over her investigation. He is incredibly hands-on with everything and must be terrible at delegation.

It is good to see Trace again. He seems a balanced character with a bit of depth. It is a shame that the network didn’t agree and he would of been cut even if the show had continued.
The Eilerson/Durenna relationship really lifts this episode. The b-story is almost more interesting than the main story. We hear about Eilerson privileged but sheltered upbringing, which explains a lot about him, and it also resists using him as the butt of all the jokes. We get to see him getting himself into and out of trouble in his own special way and that he dances very well when drunk. I don’t think they could have used drunk-Eilerson’s flotation devices comment. Eeep!

Things would of probably been a lot easier to solve if they had taken the surrounded murder captive as opposed to shooting him in the head from behind. There will probably be all sorts of trouble after what Gideon had said. Could you imagine the panic today if someone announced that an infectious desease was incurable and deadly? No one would believe them if they later said they were joking. People always believe bad news and that people providing good news are either motivated by self-interest or lying.

I enjoyed this episode. It had a good balance of fun and drama and gave Eilerson the much needed boost to his character that he required.

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