Crusade 1.07 – The Rules of the Game

Welcome to Crusader on Babylon 5. This has the potential for to be a great episode. Any episode that features the Brakiri ambassador has got be be good. It is good to see him standing firm to his own rules as opposed to being led around by the nose by Sheridon. Interesting policy they have offering “regional protection.” I’d of thought that 10% of GDP might be quite high cost. As a comparison, in the real world spending on military, only Oman (11.5% in 2013) and Saudi Arabia (9.0%) are even close (3rd place Afghanistan spends 6.2%).
We get to hear a little bit more about Eilerson and his history. We also see him launching into some white knighting while ignoring the requests of the person that originally asked for help, thinking that he knows best. We expect things to turn for the worse, but actually he does manage to solve things. I guess it is always nice to have some alien technology available when you need it. Good to see him acting the tough guy, being principled but also incredibly caring and weak. He does need some lessons at naming cats though. Mr Kitty shows a remarkable lack of imagination.

Gideon continues to make himself look a fool around Lochley. I like her take Gideon down a peg or two. I’d of thought that his should know by now that Lochley is anything but a normal captain, yet he assumes that he is the only person with a bit of local community knowledge. At this point she has been Captain on the station for 6 years, so she’d have to be a terrible Captain to not be well known among the population.

I like the huge amounts of overacting in this episode. All references to The Most Holy are particular highlights, but Gideon’s face when he is told that his species is most corrupt must be a close second. I find it particularly ironic that he gets his request and insulted at the same time, since he only ever gives in to people’s demands if he can also throw in an insult at the same time.

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