Crusade 1.08 – Appearances and Other Deceits

Earthforce have sent some busybodies to get in the way of the crew while they are working. I guess this is another episode about executive meddling episode as JMS delivers a take-that to the studio for standing in the way of his vision. Ironically this is also the last episode in my view order, so I guess we know who won that argument in the end.
Earth is still a bit of a mess and finding the cure is currently second priority keeping the general population calm. Key to that is making Gideon appear competent to the folks back home and the mission is making progress. Something tells me they will need more than a change in uniform to portray that message.

The first thing that came to my mind when we saw random-speaking-one-off-character-of-the-week doing something silly was that this episode would kill off a redshirt and she had just volenteered. Yes, she gets possessed, but it is actually a more subtle character which dies to fake the atmosphere that the main characters are at risk.
There are two minor things that annoy me about the episode. Firstly it is a bit of an Eigen plot. Everyone produces one useful talent to resolve the conflict, even when they have a strange power. Eilerson’s languages skills figure out the existence of the mind-hopping alien, the designer’s super-patterns power spots that the aliens can leave their host, Gideon comes up with a plan and Chambers figures it out. Even Greenberg contributes his braindeadness! The second annoyance is that rapid depressurising of ship will kill the crew members before they have time to suffer from oxygen deprivation. I was also surprised the temperature fell when life support was cut. Heat cannot be conducted away into space and radiation is very slow so if anything those sections should of been getting hotter due to entropy from mechanical and biological agents. Still, the science errors aren’t blatantl enough to be distracting and there is good drama with most of the crew avoiding their obvious talent for bad choices.

And with that my re-run of Crusade is complete. I’ll have more to post about the series as a whole in a post to come shortly.

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