Breaking Bads – Episodes 1.9 to 1.12

Watch TV Air Date: 18 Nov, to 21st Nov 2013
My watch date: 9th Dec 2013

It has taken me eleven months to complete this blog, so my apologies if it seems a little disjointed.

Deathwalker (9/12/13)

This episode provides more introductions. Lennier seems so incredibly naive early in the series. Garibaldi gets to do some moralising, which is good to see from a character in danger of being the guy that gets his hands dirty and Sinclair has some “fun” trying to deal with his conscience.
Kosh got some good action here, being sneaky with regard to Talia, getting to be cryptic and finally Vorlon ship pop up and show off exactly how overwhelmingly powerful they really are.

Star Quote – “You will find their power quite impressive for a few seconds” – Ivanova. She is getting all the good lines.

Believers/Survivors (10/12/13)
I have lumped these two episodes together because they are very similar. Not many shows would take the time to mentally trash member of the main cast (unless their name is O’Brien), and even fewer would do so in such a way to leave that character with a fundamental personality flaw that will continue to rear it’s head for the next 4 and a half years.

Believers gets into Franklin and shows his God complex. He believes that he can and should save everyone and when he fails it really hurts. This episode is worth watching just to see how the perfect doctor fails with rejection and failure and this is the point from which is cycle of despair begins.
The story isn’t the most engaging and a little ponderous but it does give time to catch a breather between the intensity of Deathwalker and the action of Survivors and By Any Means Necessary. This episode throws up more interesting questions about people’s choices. I don’t know if Believers is a good or a bad episode. In the end, I think I will have to declare that it is different and leave it at that.

Survivors is Die Hard meets B5 and gives Bruce Willis Jerry Doyle a chance to run around the station, although he disappointingly fails to don a string vest. Good action and no heavy thinking required. Since B5 is often thought of as a more cerebral SciFi, this is quite a change to the normal course of things but it works well and shows how well B5 works accross a range of concepts. Here Garibaldi’s past and drink issues arise and we see him hitting the bottle and starting HIS cycle of despair. We see that the all-star security chief has some major weaknesses that won’t be resolved in one episode. We aren’t in the Alpha Quadrant any more.

Star Quote – “Don’t worry about me. I’m just going to sit here and knit” Ivanova – Believers

By Any Means Neccessary – Watched 11/12/13
Another lighter episode. This marks the end of the introduction to the main cast. After this the plot really starts to kick off. You can tell that this ends the introduction arc because it calls back to the very first episode. Londo withholds the plant that G’Kar needs in part because of what the Naarn did to to Londo’s nephew in the first episode.
On a personal basis, I love Londo and G’Kar bouncing off each other. It is just a shame that this is only the B-story. I could watch a whole season of just those two. The main story is strong and gives Sinclair a chance to show his true colours. He is a thinker, more than willing to manipulate and apply the rules as written as opposed to the follow the direct intent of orders when he thinks that they are wrong.

Overall, these four episodes are about rounding off our introduction to the characters and letting us know what they are all about. The JMS usenet quotes mention that the order of episodes 5 to 12 can be shown in almost any order, but I think that this works out very nicely.
Next up, the S1 core arc episode,

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