Signs and Potents – Episode 1.13

Signs and Potents is a key episode. You can tell that because I’ve gone from four episodes in a post to just one. Turn away now if this is a first watch because there will be spoilers.

Viewing date: 12/12/13
Watch TV Air Date: 22nd Nov 2013

Let’s start with the random and inane. Why do computers answer sarcastic questions? You would think that Ivanova would know better than to ask a rhetorical questions to the station’s computer. She might accidentally logic bomb the place and that would cause even more questions.
Now that I have worked through my frustration we can put it to one side and cheer for the first appearance of Mr Morden. Who is this strange man with the silly question person and why is he getting so much screen-time. I guess that means he is important.
The raiders have been causing problems all season and it seems as though there were there just to establish an even bigger power than can push them to one side with barely a shrug. They have been in the background creating some random background tension for most of the season then WHAM! They do something that influences the blows up the whole plot and the four years of main plot comes very sharply to the fore.
The mystery that is Sinclair continues to grow. First he reopens the Battle of the Line question with trying to figure out what happened by discussing it with Garibaldi, then he discovers that it was the Minbari that got him the B5 position. Is he really some sort of Manchurian candidate?
The G’Kar and Londo double act is really starting to grow on me. Their arguing in the lift over the random person is a great comic comic to this episode. Then G’Kar suddenly reminds us all that for the first few episodes it was the Narn who were bad guys as he switches into vengeance-mode when talking to Morden. Fortunately he escapes dooming his species by wanting only revenge. Londo on the other hand does the opposite. He almost waves away Morden, nearly escaping until he lets his frustrations get the better of him. Whoops!
Rewatching this episodes I hadn’t realised that Delenn started playing tetras so early! It looks like quite a house of cards that she is building.
There is a very fancy demonstration of power from Morden’s friends. It looks as though there might be a new force of for good helping to fight off these evil raiders. It is strange that we’ve got Vorlons floating around, obviously studying the younger races, refusing to interact and distressing friendly telepaths yet they are thought of as the good guys. The opposition appears to be the polite, helpful Shadows that are actively trying to give people what they want so must be evil.
Finally, we have a prophetic vision. It is dealt with very nicely too. It is frequently referenced in the future, never becoming clear to what it is referring until it happens. The little touches, such as the shuttle evacuating through fireworks really add something. I like the way it gets so misleadingly used.

Star Quote – “Let me buy you an entire fleet of drinks!” – I want to do Londo a favour some time if that is how he rewards his friends.

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