Enterprise – Season 3

I started watching Enterprise after Christmas, because it is the one Trek I didn’t really see at the time and I wanted to get it done before new Trek came along. The first two seasons were generally good (with the occasional turkey) but my progress slowed dramatically as I tried to slog my way through the terrible third season. The biggest offender is the lack of narrative flow but general direction and acting occasionally also look rushed and quality occasionally takes a massive dip. Oh, the silly upbeat music is silly too.

  • The arc story frequently demonstrates urgency with time being a critical factor then the crew immediately get distracted by the story-of-the-week.
  • The crew (especially Archer) spend a lot of time being highly moralistic then do something ethically dubious. I guess this is why so many alien races in other Trek accuse the Federation of only pretending to wear the moral superiority hat.
  • Episodes have no ending; they just stop after 40 minutes. Each episode has a story of its own but all too frequently it closes with an unsatisfactory
  • Characters have flaws, those flaws are fully resolved during an episode and then resurface in a later episode to be resolved again. The Reed/Hayes relationship is the worst offender where half a dozen episodes have the B plot of Reed/Hayes have a problem. Problem is resolved. Reed/Hayes can now cooperate.
  • Lots of people carry the idiotball just for the sake of having a story (this isn’t very different from seasons 1 and 2.
  • There is a lot of padding. The “We will take you to see the council” mini-arc requires 4 episodes of which 3 go from A to B to C, meeting the same sub-faction people at each stop (The forth is a time travel story).
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