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Crusade – Series Summary

This is my summery of Crusade, my opinion about the aborted series and a general roundup of the adventure. It was always going to be a tough job doing a follow-up to Babylon 5. Even the less popular fifth season was … Continue reading

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Crusade 1.5 – Patterns of the Soul

Jumping around our strange order again we go from the final episode to one close to the start. Patterns of the Soul is a have a nice self-contained character episode. There is some good developing characters Eilerson (about time) and Chambers while adding … Continue reading

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Crusade 1.13 – Every Night I Dream of Home

This is another episode with some good moral arguments and Lockley/Franklin cameos, but still, why does everyone insist on keeping so many pointless secrets?

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Crusade 1.3 – The Well of Forever

The Well of Forever. That is a good, strong title and the episode has real feeling as though this could be a place where mysteries are solved. This could be a great episode, and it works fairly well but it … Continue reading

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