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Breaking Bads – Episodes 1.9 to 1.12

Watch TV Air Date: 18 Nov, to 21st Nov 2013 My watch date: 9th Dec 2013 It has taken me eleven months to complete this blog, so my apologies if it seems a little disjointed. Deathwalker (9/12/13) This episode provides more introductions. Lennier … Continue reading

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Crusade 1.13 – Every Night I Dream of Home

This is another episode with some good moral arguments and Lockley/Franklin cameos, but still, why does everyone insist on keeping so many pointless secrets?

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Episode 4.17 – The Face of the Enemy

17 episodes of build-up to the eventual pay-off. The bad guys lose, by the other bad guys win and the other other bad guys do quite well out of it while the good guys really hurt. Spoilers ahoy!

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Episode 3.13 – A Late Delivery From Avalon

Small post for this one since I am never quite sure what to do about it. Watch TV air date: 4 Feb 2014 My viewing date: 5 Feb 2014 It has very little arc story in it so it could … Continue reading

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And So It Begins – Episodes 1.1 to 1.4

You’ll have to excuse my for my brevity, but I’m about a month behind and I’ve committed myself to making that up while watching and bogging approximately one episode per day! UKTV Air Date: 4-Nov, 5-Nov, 6-Nov and 11th Nov … Continue reading

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